Sunday, September 11, 2016

A Prayer on September 11 With the Hindsight of Fifteen Years

O God of eternal mercy, whose heart overflows with love even for those who despise you:  we remember with you those who on this day fifteen years ago were killed in an attack on our nation.  We commend to your mercy all who died, all who ministered to the suffering, the dying, the wounded, and the dead; those who caused death and destruction; those who planned the evil; those who stood by helpless, grieving, stricken; those whose hearts were turned to rage and bitterness; those who cried for revenge; those who exploited tragedy for personal and political gain; and all whose souls and bodies have been twisted and crushed by the weight of sorrow and anger in the ensuing years.  Lead us all to the fountain of your healing.  Teach us to drink deeply from the well of forgiveness.  When we cling to beliefs and attitudes that separate us one from another and from your own desire for wholeness, aid us to learn and to practice letting go, that our hearts may be healed, our souls freed, our spirits restored, and our joy be only to serve you and share your desire to bring all creation into oneness with you, for the love shared with us through your Son Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.  

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