Monday, May 23, 2016

Pentecost I

When dawned the Day of Pentecost,
Some deadness in the air,
Stung by the sense that all was lost
And paralyzed by fear

A band of brothers hung around
A house that was not theirs.
And suddenly there came a sound
Of gods bestrewing stars

On earth, their breath a wind that crashed
And shattered panes and doors
And barren expectations smashed
Destroying bolts and bars

Preventing change in human hearts
That could no gospel hear.
Without the aid of maps or charts
Or fabricated cheer,

A heav’nly flame of white-hot love
Their comp’ny came among,
Alighting like a graceful dove,
Distributing a tongue

On heads of all those brothers there.
Exotic words spoke they,
Drunk on a Spirit very rare,
And prophesied a Day

When earth and heaven would join as one
To celebrate a God
Whose grace and mercy had begun
To cast that fire abroad

So that the universe might be
Converted and renewed
And stamped through all eternity
With God’s similitude.

And oh, my kindred, near and far
You dead and living dead,
That Spirit will your minds unbar
From all you hate and dread

And set you free to realize
In resurrection power
That we ourselves have won the prize
Within this very hour

Of God the Son’s transcendent love
Exceeding all desire
That never will from us remove
That purifying fire!  

May, 2016

© Frank Gasque Dunn, 2016

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